Aphrodite Delights is the historical reference of the traditional Cypriot confectionery manufacturer since 1895, well known mainly for its Loukoumi Geroskipou but also for other authentic traditional delicacies. The arrival of new players in the Cyprus market has increased commercial aggressiveness and strengthened competition.

Aphrodite Delights wanted to assert its identity and the difference in its quality to better distinguish itself on the local market and accelerate its international expansion. The company therefore entrusted our team with the creation of its sound identity.

The sound identity is the image of Aphrodite Delights, based on the brand’s five core values: Tradition, Quality, Respect, Stability and Innovation. All in a sunny, in the land of the birth of Aphrodite, the feminine element persists. The subtle alliance of elements linked to the Cypriot roots (outi, bouzouki, violin, panteiro defi) and the more international sounds (piano) give the brand’s musical expression a very strong and dynamic personality, but also seductive And determinative.

The tests carried out show that Aphrodite Delights gains a lot in the perception of its dynamism, its difference, the quality of its products, its modernity, its originality and authenticity.

With this sound identity, Aphrodite Delights reinforces its place among the world’s leading brands, aspiring with originality its Cypriot anchoring and its international vocation.

Production : Aphrodite Delights

Broadcast : Internet – WEB

Sound Branding – Music :  Mary Chris – OXYS Music