« Chassé Croisé Amoureux » is a TV movie of 88 minutes directed by Gérard Cup, and  screenplay was made by Jean-Claude Colin Islert and stone-Thibert.

Photography is by José Gerel and music is by Haris Berberian.

It was released in France on TF1 on 10/01/2007.

This Franco-Suisse TV movie is synonymous of pragmatism.

Two single girlfriends, Elsa and Sabine, want to check the reliability of a man in the name of Thierry. Sabine loves Thierry and her best friend Elsa goes to stay a few days at Thierry’s, presented as her cousin, to test his loyalty and sincerity of his attachment to Elsa. But what she doesn’t know is that Thierry he had to leave in a hurry to Morocco to his wife Luisa, to sign their divorce agreement, and that is replaced by his half-brother, François posing for him. Therefore, Elsa believes meeting Thierry, though, is François, and Francois thinks he meets Sabine cousin… They will fall in love not really knowing each other’s identity and thinking this is a “complicated” story vis-à-vis their friend (s) respectively.

Production : V.A.B.

Broadcast : TF1

Producer : Gerald Cuq

Music : Haris Berberian : OXYS Music