« Croesus » is a French game show presented by Vincent Lagaf, broadcasted every night at 6pm on TF1 from July 2005 to September 2006. The game has had two seasons on TF1 and more than 200 programs.

Viewers had the pleasure, every night at 6pm on TF1, to watch a skeleton made by CGI, called Croesus and played by Gille Vautier.

His role was to assist Lagaf in the course of the game, whose rules are:

Five candidates must answer general knowledge questions with a capital base of € 50,000. If one of them accumulates two errors, he must point out an opponent as to be faced with a duel. A question then is asked and if he answers correctly, he gets in heritage, the capital of his opponent. Thereafter, the finalist answers to multiple questions, with the hope to win a total sum of € 200,000.

Production : Hubert Production

Broadcast : TF1

Broadcast Design : Magic Dice Production

Music : Haris Berberian – OXYS Music