We all live in a world of noise!


It drives our lives and our thoughts, and that’s why the right music or the most appropriate artist, can be the miracle solution of a creative idea. We can help you discover the music that best suits your audience, or the best way to deploy music to make it work best for your goals.

A sound branding is not just about a theme, or about sounds; it does not concern jingles; it is something much more powerful. Pure sound immersed in memory.

Think of it as a logo for the ears – this extract of sound that will bring out all of your brand attitude and positive associations, in the mind of a listener. Just like a logo, the effectiveness of sonic branding must be clear, simple and unambiguous. It goes far beyond composition, to the dark science of neuroscience. If you are looking for your sound signature, we only have scientists who specialize in music cognition.


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